Thursday, April 28, 2011

Help Build a Future for the Past

Dear neighbor and fellow citizen,

To fully appreciate what it means to be an American, we invite you to experience History in one of the storied places where it was made. The Bergen County Historical Society cares for the American Revolutionary War battleground at the Bridge That Saved A Nation, where General George Washington led the outnumbered garrison of Fort Lee to safety across an oak drawbridge over the Hackensack River on November 20, 1776. That nearly shoeless but unyielding line of citizen-soldiers carried the hopes and future of a young Nation. In admiration, eyewitness Thomas Paine spoke of the “times that try men’s souls,” believing every Patriot who stood by the cause of Liberty in its darkest hour “deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

We offer a unique opportunity to show abiding gratitude to all those who gave so much for the life of a free nation. Relying entirely upon volunteer contributions, the Bergen County Historical Society is raising $350,000 to construct a first-rate museum building and library on the Society’s property at Historic New Bridge Landing. This museum building will be built to replicate an eighteenth-century Dutch barn, so as to visually complement the landmark stone houses while providing a proper museum environment for thousands of irreplaceable artifacts and documents of our Past. Each object gives meaning to a memorable moment in Bergen County’s remarkable transition from colonial frontier to one of the America’s most diverse and prosperous suburban counties. Better than any textbook, classroom exercise or computer, these artifacts uniquely tell our national story, allowing young and old to “touch” history in meaningful and memorable ways.

Doing our utmost to honor and teach what it truly means to enjoy Freedom, we ask your help. Join our efforts to preserve Historic New Bridge Landing as sacred ground where Americans fought and bled for the right of self-government. As a 501(c)(3) volunteer non-profit organization, 100% of your donation is expended on the fulfillment of our mission! Your donation toward this cause will “deserve the love and thanks of man and women” for generations to come. For further information or to contribute, contact or call 201-343-9492

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