Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, happy day! I am excited to read the recommendations of Governor Christie's Transition team encouraging consideration of "the consolidation of all the state historical programs, Historic Trust (currently in DCA), NJ Historic Preservation Office and the State-Owned Historic Sites (DEP) with the Historical Commission in the Department of State to help establish stronger coordination between these groups, use other related Department of State divisions (DARM and Tourism), and to increase efficiency in staffing and support resources."

One hundred and seven years after the State of New Jersey acquired its first Historic Site and a half century after burying their care and development in a department otherwise dedicated to natural resources and environmental regulations, this recommendation, if enacted, may finally bring our State owned and operated Historic Sites the recognition, professional administration and proper esteem they so deserve. I encourage the history community to unite behind this recommendation and to rescue some of the most significant physical reminders of New Jersey's past from the Dark Ages where they have languished for too long.

Are we finally enjoying the view from Mount Nebo?

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